Our special wicks absorb scent better than any other wick on the market.

Wicks dry out fast.  And that’s a problem when you can’t rely on your wick to disperse scent the entire time you are hunting.  Our wicks don’t dry out because of the ScentBlaster- the #1 hunting scent dispenser . Always keep your wick wet with ScentBlaster!

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ScentblasterTM produces scent 25x longer than other methods.

Stay in your blind longer.  You can rely on the #1 hunting scent dispenser to produce scent for your entire hunt without having to get out and re-soak the wick. Our scent doesn’t decline in the first 7 days. ScentBlaster always keeps your wick wet!

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ScentblasterTM gets more scent out. Period.

Attract more game into the kill zone, giving you more looks during your hunt. A small fan blows the scent into the air to travel much farther than just hanging a wick in a tree. The wick is basically sitting in a bottle of scent. ScentBlaster the # 1 hunting scent dispenser keeps your wick wet for days!

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Introducing the #1 Hunting Scent Dispenser


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