We asked Cable Smith, host of the Lone Star Outdoor Show, “What are your 5 favorite hunting attractant scents to use in a ScentBlaster?”

Hunting Attractant Scents

Obviously, scent depends on what you’re hunting. Bucks and does put off certain scents leading up to breeding season (more detail on that later!), but that’s not always a concern for other animals. If you want to lure in a feral hog, they breed year-round so I can use one scent in my ScentBlaster. My favorite hog attractant is Hog Under the Influence of Cinnahog scent from ScentBlocker (they also make a great bear attractant, Bear Under the Influence in Bearie Cherrie scent).

Deer Scents

Now let’s get into deer scents. In early season when bucks are still running in bachelor groups, hold off on using doe in heat or buck tarsal gland scents. These scents won’t smell natural to a deer until we get closer to rut. Instead, get a sweet attractant to disperse in your ScentBlaster, something a deer would want to eat, not mate or fight with. I use a food-based lure, like vanilla or fruit scents. My personal favorite is cherry vanilla scent, something like Deer Under the Influence, also from ScentBlocker which comes in cherry vanilla or apple vanilla scents.

Come October, bucks start sparring and thinking about rut, which means it’s time to switch to a deer-based scent. Start putting tarsal gland scent or doe urine in your ScentBlaster to get their interest. Tink’s #69 Doe in Rut Buck Lure would be my go-to scent. As we approach rut or are in full on the rut, buck urine is a good option as well. Don’t forget, pre-rut is also the perfect time to make a mock scrape to increase your hunting success. Put a scrape scent like Tink’s Power Scrape in your ScentBlaster and hang your ScentBlaster above the mock scrape to build up interest in the site and create better hunting opportunities.

While each hunter has his favorite brand, what’s most important is to have your scent match the hunting conditions. Bone Collector says it well – “The key is using the right scent at the right time.”

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Cable Smith is a compensated spokesman for ScentBlaster but not for any of the scents mentioned. All opinions are his own and are not influenced by the company or the compensation received.