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Take A Look: New ScentBlaster Pro Kit

Scentblaster™ the Ultimate Wicking System, Whitetail deer
July 27th, 2018

We at ScentBlaster, are excited to release the ScentBlaster Pro Kit, a value pack that includes everything you need to get started with ScentBlaster this fall.

The ScentBlaster Pro Kit:

A new additional of the ScentBlaster Pro Kit to our product line includes everything you need to harness the power of ScentBlaster in the field. In addition to a ScentBlaster unit, we’re including a 6-pack of ScentBlaster Wicks and an additional ScentContainer.

ScentBlaster Pro Kit, ScentBlaster, ScentBlasterWick 6-pack, ScentContainer™Our special wicks absorb scent better than any other wick on the market…

While most wicks will dry out in a few hours, our ScentBlasterWick absorbs scent continuously from the two ounce reservoir, and stays wet for seven or more days depending on weather conditions.

ScentBlaster Produces Scent 25X Longer Than Other Methods…

In addition to our special wicks, the ScentContainers allow you to produce scent for your entire hunt without having to get out and re-soak the wick. Our scent doesn’t decline in thefirst 7 days, and you can quickly swap out ScentContainers to switch between your favorite scents. No more washing required to prevent cross contamination AND a full bottle of scent can be stored for later with no risk of spillage.


A small, silent fan produces constant airflow over the wick for improved scent distribution on those windless days.

If you’re looking to add ScentBlaster to your hunting arsenal this fall, this is the perfect package to get you started.

Want to read more about ScentBlaster? Check out our Facebook page to see what’s cooking with other hunters using ScentBlaster. More interested in pictures? Success stories are for you. Or maybe you’d like a recipe to cook up after your hunt, check out our favorites here.

ScentBlaster Welcomes Providence Marketing Group to the Team!

April 19th, 2018

ScentBlaster: Joining forces with Providence Marketing Group…


Heron Outdoors, the maker of the highly effective hunting tool ScentBlaster, is pleased to announce their collaboration with Providence Marketing Group.

ScentBlaster is a new product in the hunting industry, introduced just last summer at the Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganzas. As such, we will utilized PMG’s strong public relations background and tactical advertising to help get the word out to hunters about our great product.

Exciting things on the Horizon

“We’re very eager to begin work with Providence Marketing Group,” stated Heath Hardwick, President of ScentBlaster. “We feel that we have a product that meets a specific need for hunters like nothing else on the market. When we combine that with PMG’s expertise in marketing and public relations, the sky’s the limit.”

More About Providence Marketing Group

As a marketing group, PMG has helped many hunting brands come to prominence. They bring a deep knowledge of the outdoor industry to media planning and strategic planning. President of PMG, Jeff Bergmann, is looking forward to partnering with Heron Outdoors. “They have come up with a product that can help any big game hunter increase their effectiveness and success in the field, and we look forward to growing with them.”

We here at Heron Outdoors and ScentBlaster are excited to reach more hunters out there with PMG. We can’t wait to help any and every hunter attract more game to the kill zone!


Join in our discussion with our Facebook group!
In addition to meeting other hunters around the country, gather up some tips and tricks for using ScentBlaster. Maybe a recommendation for a scent that works particularly well in your neck of the woods, or even enter a giveaway or two to score a free ScentBlaster!

The Official Hunting Scent Dispenser for ArmyBuckHunters!

ScentBlaster: The Official Hunting Scent Dispenser for ArmyBuckHunters!

ScentBlaster & ArmyBuckHunters Join Forces

We at ScentBlaster are excited to partner with ArmyBuckHunters (ABH) as their official hunting scent dispenser. Together with ArmyBassAnglers and ArmyRedfishAnglers, ArmyBuckHunters makes up one of the largest Veterans Organizations. Their mission is to SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH & HUNT.

More About ABH…

ABH is involved in major charity events across the country dedicated to supporting fellow service members in the outdoors. They use their ability to hunt and fish nationwide to raise awareness and aid noteworthy charitable causes. These include Folds of Honor, Returning Heroes Home, Heroes on the Water, and Warrior Canine Connection.

The ABH family is comprised mostly of active duty soldiers. They have the responsibility to defend the nation and American interests around the world. But, as CEO Cody Roberson points out, this can make it difficult for active duty soldiers to support charitable events. So, they apply their “take care of each other” military mentality to a battle buddy system. If one member is unable to support the charitable mission, the other buddy “rucks up” and carries the load for both of them.

Last on ArmyBuckHunter’s list of ‘priorities of fire’ is HUNT & FISH. Their members hunt and fish all across the country. At the same time, they utilize these outdoor opportunities to promote the Task Force Non-Profits (while carrying the torch as ambassadors for their corporate partners). We at Heron Outdoors headquarters were excited to enter into a multi-year agreement as the exclusive and official Scent Dispenser for ArmyBuckHunters!

ScentBlaster: the Official Hunting Scent Dispenser and Weapon of Choice

ScentBlaster’s wicking system is the official Weapon of Choice for ArmyBuckHunters. ScentBlaster is a scent dispenser that helps hunters get more scent out and attract more game in the kill zone. As Roberson said, “We couldn’t be more excited, this relationship must have been divine intervention. The management, the product development, the company location, and the owner’s backgrounds; you name it, it was truly ‘stars aligned.’ We can’t wait to get this product into the hands of thousands of Service Members across the country. Let the fun begin — HOOAH!”

We couldn’t agree more, thanks for welcoming us to the ABH family!


Find out more about ArmyBuckHunters mission here.

What is the Best Food Deer Attractant Scent? with Cable Smith, host of the Lone Star Outdoor Show

Closeup of Deer, Attracted by Food Scent

Cable Smith, the host of Lone Star Outdoor Show, shares his favorite food deer attractant scent!

Food Scent: The Cherry Versus Grape Debate


Vanilla is a food scent choice that’s hard to beat for hunters from Kansas all the way down south in Texas. However, people have their opinions about what will give you the edge in the field. Do you stick with the fancy vanilla extract, or opt for imitation, or even cross the border to pick up some Mexican vanilla extract on the cheap? The debate rages on, especially when you add other food scents to the party: grape, cherry, or even apple make the mix.

Don’t panic if you’re less handy in the kitchen or are busy setting up your deer stand to run to the grocery store – Cable likes to use Deer Under the Influence or DUI liquid food scent in Cherry Vanilla by ScentBlocker (easy online ordering too!). For a do it yourself option, Cable suggests going back to your childhood (or raiding the family kitchen) for the secret ingredient: Kool-Aid.

Are you a grape Kool-Aid or cherry Kool-Aid believer? Or is there another favorite food scent? Let us know below!


Cherry Vanilla Food Scent Recipe

Makes enough for four ScentBlaster refills, or 240+ hrs of scent.


  • one bottle of vanilla extract, 8 oz.
  • 1/2 packet of cherry Kool-Aid


  1. Mix together with a couple tablespoons of water until the Kool-Aid dissolves.
  2. Add 2 oz. to your ScentBlaster reservoir.
  3. Save your refills in a resealable container for your next hunt.

Whatever your favorite food scent, white-tailed deer can never get enough of that sweet smell. It’s a great way to attract them to your desired hunting area, especially in combination with other natural deer scents. Need more tips? Check out some of our favorite posts from Cable Smith and Royce Carnley for how to best use scents to up your hunting game.

Cable Smith was a compensated spokesman for ScentBlaster but not for any of the scents mentioned. All opinions are his own and are not influenced by the company or the compensation received.

5 Best Hunting Attractant Scents

We asked Cable Smith, host of the Lone Star Outdoor Show, “What are your 5 favorite hunting attractant scents to use in a ScentBlaster?”

Hunting Attractant Scents

Obviously, scent depends on what you’re hunting. Bucks and does put off certain scents leading up to breeding season (more detail on that later!), but that’s not always a concern for other animals. If you want to lure in a feral hog, they breed year-round so I can use one scent in my ScentBlaster. My favorite hog attractant is Hog Under the Influence of Cinnahog scent from ScentBlocker (they also make a great bear attractant, Bear Under the Influence in Bearie Cherrie scent).

Deer Scents

Now let’s get into deer scents. In early season when bucks are still running in bachelor groups, hold off on using doe in heat or buck tarsal gland scents. These scents won’t smell natural to a deer until we get closer to rut. Instead, get a sweet attractant to disperse in your ScentBlaster, something a deer would want to eat, not mate or fight with. I use a food-based lure, like vanilla or fruit scents. My personal favorite is cherry vanilla scent, something like Deer Under the Influence, also from ScentBlocker which comes in cherry vanilla or apple vanilla scents.

Come October, bucks start sparring and thinking about rut, which means it’s time to switch to a deer-based scent. Start putting tarsal gland scent or doe urine in your ScentBlaster to get their interest. Tink’s #69 Doe in Rut Buck Lure would be my go-to scent. As we approach rut or are in full on the rut, buck urine is a good option as well. Don’t forget, pre-rut is also the perfect time to make a mock scrape to increase your hunting success. Put a scrape scent like Tink’s Power Scrape in your ScentBlaster and hang your ScentBlaster above the mock scrape to build up interest in the site and create better hunting opportunities.

While each hunter has his favorite brand, what’s most important is to have your scent match the hunting conditions. Bone Collector says it well – “The key is using the right scent at the right time.”

Read more of Cable Smith’s deer hunting tips here.

Cable Smith is a compensated spokesman for ScentBlaster but not for any of the scents mentioned. All opinions are his own and are not influenced by the company or the compensation received.