Part 1: Do Deer Hunting Scents Scents Really Work? Here’s how to use scents to nail a trophy buck

Are they a gimmick? Do they really work? These are common questions I get from hunters and the answer is, it depends! It depends on how you apply it, what type of products you use, and when you use them. The key, and I’ll say this over and over, is in the application. With correct application, scents can condition deer and hopefully a trophy buck, to regularly visit your preferred hunting spots and keep them from worrying too much about your presence. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir for a lot of you, but for those hunters who haven’t tried scents, here’s my recipe for success on the ranch:

1. Apply hunting scent overnight or for consecutive days before you hunt.

If you’ve been using those little orange wicks as I had in the past, they either dry out before your hunt is over, or the deer need to already be in the area for them to smell it. Several years ago in Kansas, my first experience with Buck Bomb changed my mind. I put the aerosol can out in a pretty big sized bush for the two mornings in a row. When I went out to hunt on the third morning, that bush was completely torn apart. Thirty minutes later, I ended up shooting the biggest buck I’d ever seen in Kansas. Not only did the scent work, but I finally understood the key was the application!

2. Use a combination of attractant and cover scents.

So now that you’re applying scent in advance, you’ve got to choose the right scents at the right time of year. I put out two scents – a cover scent with the Buck Bomb, and an attractant scent in a new product out this year, ScentBlaster™. At the ranch in South Texas our bucks will stay in bachelor groups until the first or second week of December, so I’ll use Buck Bomb’s Ambush, and I’ll fill the ScentBlaster with my favorite food scent (recipe up next!). ScentBlaster will last for 60+ hours without refills, and Buck Bomb for at least 24 hours, so you’ve got plenty of scent out when hunters aren’t around. I’ve even found it helpful to get nocturnal deer out in daylight.

3. Use the right deer hunting scent for the right time of year.

We’ve covered how to apply scents during pre-rut stage. What to do when you finally see those bucks break out of their bachelor groups? Those bucks are now covering more ground and are less predictable, so it’s even better to have scents out for longer. I’ll tag team with Buck Bomb’s Doe in Estrus in the can and either Dominant Buck or Forehead Gland in the ScentBlaster.

I’m not endorsed by Buck Bomb, but I’ll stake my reputation as a hunter that the Buck Bomb is a great scent, my hunters and I have had nothing but success with it and if you can apply it the way I’ve taught you, I’m sure you’ll nail that trophy buck!

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Disclaimer: I was provided free ScentBlaster products to evaluate with no obligation to provide a product review or anything else  in return. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company.

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Royce Carnley has been an outfitter and guide with Mesquite Tree Ranch since 2014. He started hunting as a toddler with his dad and for the past 19 years, has guided and helped other hunters. Royce is passionate about the “setup” and location of hunting stands and he takes pride in providing the best hunting experience possible for his hunters.  contact: 817-757-3459

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