Cable Smith, the host of Lone Star Outdoor Show, shares his favorite food deer attractant scent!

Food Scent: The Cherry Versus Grape Debate


Vanilla is a food scent choice that’s hard to beat for hunters from Kansas all the way down south in Texas. However, people have their opinions about what will give you the edge in the field. Do you stick with the fancy vanilla extract, or opt for imitation, or even cross the border to pick up some Mexican vanilla extract on the cheap? The debate rages on, especially when you add other food scents to the party: grape, cherry, or even apple make the mix.

Don’t panic if you’re less handy in the kitchen or are busy setting up your deer stand to run to the grocery store – Cable likes to use Deer Under the Influence or DUI liquid food scent in Cherry Vanilla by ScentBlocker (easy online ordering too!). For a do it yourself option, Cable suggests going back to your childhood (or raiding the family kitchen) for the secret ingredient: Kool-Aid.

Are you a grape Kool-Aid or cherry Kool-Aid believer? Or is there another favorite food scent? Let us know below!


Cherry Vanilla Food Scent Recipe

Makes enough for four ScentBlaster refills, or 240+ hrs of scent.


  • one bottle of vanilla extract, 8 oz.
  • 1/2 packet of cherry Kool-Aid


  1. Mix together with a couple tablespoons of water until the Kool-Aid dissolves.
  2. Add 2 oz. to your ScentBlaster reservoir.
  3. Save your refills in a resealable container for your next hunt.

Whatever your favorite food scent, white-tailed deer can never get enough of that sweet smell. It’s a great way to attract them to your desired hunting area, especially in combination with other natural deer scents. Need more tips? Check out some of our favorite posts from Cable Smith and Royce Carnley for how to best use scents to up your hunting game.

Cable Smith was a compensated spokesman for ScentBlaster but not for any of the scents mentioned. All opinions are his own and are not influenced by the company or the compensation received.

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