July 27th, 2018

We at ScentBlaster, are excited to release the ScentBlaster Pro Kit, a value pack that includes everything you need to get started with ScentBlaster this fall.

The ScentBlaster Pro Kit:

A new additional of the ScentBlaster Pro Kit to our product line includes everything you need to harness the power of ScentBlaster in the field. In addition to a ScentBlaster unit, we’re including a 6-pack of ScentBlaster Wicks and an additional ScentContainer.

ScentBlaster Pro Kit, ScentBlaster, ScentBlasterWick 6-pack, ScentContainer™Our special wicks absorb scent better than any other wick on the market…

While most wicks will dry out in a few hours, our ScentBlasterWick absorbs scent continuously from the two ounce reservoir, and stays wet for seven or more days depending on weather conditions.

ScentBlaster Produces Scent 25X Longer Than Other Methods…

In addition to our special wicks, the ScentContainers allow you to produce scent for your entire hunt without having to get out and re-soak the wick. Our scent doesn’t decline in thefirst 7 days, and you can quickly swap out ScentContainers to switch between your favorite scents. No more washing required to prevent cross contamination AND a full bottle of scent can be stored for later with no risk of spillage.


A small, silent fan produces constant airflow over the wick for improved scent distribution on those windless days.

If you’re looking to add ScentBlaster to your hunting arsenal this fall, this is the perfect package to get you started.

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