Lonnie Morgan – Outdoor Lens Media, Cameraman, Photographer, and Field Producer/Co-Host of Breaking Wild TV – did some in depth testing of his new ScentBlaster. We’ll be following along on his three part test of the ScentBlaster… Follow along to see him put his ScentBlaster through it’s paces! First up, the ScentBlaster Wick.

Test #1: How Long Does a ScentBlaster Wick Really Last?

For those of you new to this product, ScentBlaster expands on the basic concept of hunting with scent. Instead of hanging a wick in a tree to attract prey or conceal your scent, the ScentBlaster unit takes care of it all. The unit comes with a ScentContainer to hold your favorite scent, super absorbent ScentBlaster wick to get that scent out, and a motor to blow scent out on windless days.

So the question is, how long does the ScentBlaster wick really last

This led me to the first part of the test, to determine how quickly the ScentBlaster wick absorbs scent.

I filled the scent container with a special deer attracting liquid and placed the ScentBlaster wick in the container at a depth of a 1/4 of an inch. Then I took pictures every 15 seconds to document the absorption rate of a ScentBlaster wick.

The following pics show the absorption rate of the ScentBlaster wick.

Picture Series 1: The absorption test:

Super absorbent ScentBlaster Wick in ScentContainer after 15 seconds

Scent absorbed halfway up the ScentBlaster wick.

Super Absorbent ScentBlaster Wick after 30 seconds in the ScentContainer.

Scent absorbed to the top of the ScentBlaster Wick.

Super Absorbent ScentBlaster Wick after 45 seconds in the ScentContainer.

Continuing to darken as the wick absorbs more scent from the ScentContainer.

Super Absorbent ScentBlaster Wick after 60 seconds in the ScentContainer is totally saturated.

The ScentBlasterWick is fully saturated.

Within one minute, the ScentBlaster wick is fully saturated. So, OK, wow pretty impressed so far. This leads me to part 2 of the test…

How long does the wick actually stay wet?

I placed the ScentBlaster unit outside with the fan running. We will check the wick in 16 hours to see how it’s doing.

Picture 2: The Wet Test

Super absorbent ScentBlaster Wick after 16 hours in the ScentContainer is still wet and fully saturated.

Take a look at the scent I can squeeze out of the ScentBlaster Wick

It’s been 16 hours since I placed the Scentblaster scent wick only a 1/4 inch into the scent container. It fully saturated itself in only 60 seconds and after 16 hours I’m still able to squeeze out the whole amount of scent. That’s more than impressive. Even more impressive, I touched the bottom of the wick to the scent I squeezed out, and it sucked it right back into it without leaving a drop.

I will continue to let this wick sit and check it each day for wetness until it dries.

Picture Series 3: New Deer Updates

Irresistible to deers! ScentBlaster took a beating but is still up and running.

We’re 30 hours in and unfortunately I’ve got to restart the test! I guess the ScentBlaster works so great the deer just couldn’t help themselves, they decided to knock it down and ate the ScentBlaster wick! And it doesn’t stop there. I thought to myself, “that’s cool though, I have it on camera!” NOPE!!! A corrupted SD card failed and I have nothing…. On a positive note, the ScentBlaster can survive a deer attack! It’s not broken, just a little dirty and the motor is still running strong after 30 continuous hours of operation. Soon as the storm passes I’ll refill the scent and put a new wick on and try again.

OK- redo of the test! I checked the wick after 7 days, still wet!!! I topped off the scent in the ScentContainer and it’s ready to go for another week! It’s gonna be a game changer on my hunts this fall.

Super absorbent ScentBlaster wick after 7 days

After 7 days and the wick is still this saturated! I topped it off again and ScentBlaster’s ready to go for another week.

Last question, how does it compare to other wicks on the market?

I don’t know about you all, but I find traditional wicks to dry out within an hour on a bad day. So I’m looking at a product with up to 25x the lasting power.


The ScentBlaster wick clearly wicks up scent better and faster than any other wick on the market. Even with deer interference, it’s clear the ScentBlaster wick keeps it wet enough to really attract deer over days, even a week! Lastly it clearly outperforms other wicks on the market, which dry out within hours.

Seems like a no-brained choice to me.

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