April 19th, 2018

ScentBlaster: Joining forces with Providence Marketing Group…


Heron Outdoors, the maker of the highly effective hunting tool ScentBlaster, is pleased to announce their collaboration with Providence Marketing Group.

ScentBlaster is a new product in the hunting industry, introduced just last summer at the Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganzas. As such, we will utilized PMG’s strong public relations background and tactical advertising to help get the word out to hunters about our great product.

Exciting things on the Horizon

“We’re very eager to begin work with Providence Marketing Group,” stated Heath Hardwick, President of ScentBlaster. “We feel that we have a product that meets a specific need for hunters like nothing else on the market. When we combine that with PMG’s expertise in marketing and public relations, the sky’s the limit.”

More About Providence Marketing Group

As a marketing group, PMG has helped many hunting brands come to prominence. They bring a deep knowledge of the outdoor industry to media planning and strategic planning. President of PMG, Jeff Bergmann, is looking forward to partnering with Heron Outdoors. “They have come up with a product that can help any big game hunter increase their effectiveness and success in the field, and we look forward to growing with them.”

We here at Heron Outdoors and ScentBlaster are excited to reach more hunters out there with PMG. We can’t wait to help any and every hunter attract more game to the kill zone!


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