Part 2: Success with Scents

Recipes and More

I wanted to share with you my personal recipes and favorite combinations of scents. We’ve already talked about how to set yourself up for success with scents in Part 1, now we’ll get into the nitty gritty details, including my favorite vanilla grape scent.

In pre-rut, I like to mix up my favorite food scents to attract deer in the ScentBlaster. I know a lot of folks like to use a cherry vanilla scent, but I was inspired by C’Mere Deer’s food scent, which always smelled more like vanilla and grape Kool-Aid to me. I know a lot of guys that will use some cheaper vanilla extract they pick up in Mexico too.


Vanilla Grape Scent

Makes enough for four ScentBlaster refills, or 240+ hours of scent dispersal.


1 bottle McCormick Baker’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor (8 oz)
1/2  packet of grape Kool-Aid



1. Mix vanilla, grape kool-aid powder, and a couple tablespoons of water to dissolve.
2. Add 2 oz. to ScentBlaster.
3. Store the rest in a resealable container for your next hunt.


This is perfect in October along with Buck Bomb. If you’re trying to attract does, use Buck Bomb’s Doe “P” attractant scents. If you’re looking for does and bucks, try Ambush or Dominant Buck. Some does don’t like the Dominant Buck, so be aware of that, but they are always curious about Doe “P.”

If you’re a bow hunter, I’ll sometimes keep using my vanilla grape scent in my ScentBlaster throughout rut. I left one of my hunter’s in a ground blind last year. When I came to pick him up after his trophy deer, there were two other big bucks walking around.

I’m not endorsed by Buck Bomb, but I’ll stake my reputation as a hunter that the Buck Bomb makes great scents. My hunters and I have had nothing but success with it, and if you can apply it the way I’ve taught you, I’m sure you’ll nail that trophy buck!

Disclaimer: I was provided free ScentBlaster products to evaluate with no obligation to provide a product review or anything else  in return. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company.

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